‘Escape From New York’ Will Be a Prequel (Exclusive)

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There are new details surfacing behind Twentieth Century Fox reboot of John Carpenter‘s 1981 cult-classic Escape From New York, but there are two very important elements that are missing from the reports. First, and more importantly, it’s going to act as a prequel to Carpenter’s film, while the second, which could be changed by the time filming begins, is that Snake Plissken will not have eye eyepatch. Those are exclusive details that Bloody Disgusting can share first.

In other news, TheWrap is reporting that Neal Cross, creator of the BBC crime series “Luther,” beat out several writers to win the writing job, and delivered a first-draft in late October. The original Dystopian action film, as they explain, starred Kurt Russell as eye-patched, wisecracking Plissken, a prisoner enlisted to save the president of the United States after his plane crashed on a future Manhattan-turned-maximum security prison. Carpenter directed the film, which he co-wrote with Nick Castle. Ernest Borgnine, Isaac Hayes, Harry Dean Stanton, Lee Van Cleef and Adrienne Barbeau co-starred.

The prequel is to reboot the franchise much like Fox did with Planet of the Apes, setting up a trilogy that leads into the classic film, but is also in canon.