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Just when you thought nothing new could be done with the “scary” clown genre, some film comes along and completely proves you wrong.

In this case, it’s the crazily titled… (wait for it…) … CLOWNTERGEIST!

Seeing is believing, fiends. Check out the trailer which just debuted over on The Hollywood Reporter‘s site:

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According to THR, Aaron Mirtes’ film tells the story of Emma (Brittany Belland), a college student with a phobia of clowns who is forced to confront that fear when a demonic clown terrorizes her town.

The killer clown leaves balloons with the date and time of  his victims’ deaths, and after receiving a balloon of her own, Emma learns she has just two days to live before the not-so-jolly clown takes her life.

Release details are forthcoming, but we’ll keep you posted!