Begin the Hunt in ‘Chupacabra Territory’

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Growing up in Arizona I’ve heard stories about the chupacabra for as long as I remember. So whenever there’s a new chupacabra movie I’m always intrigued. Maltauro Entertainment, in association with Baumant Entertainment and Invincible Pictures, has announced the release of a new chupacabra film, Chupacabra Territory, coming April 11th to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. Writer-director Matt McWilliams and producer Christopher Maltauro have crafted a raw found footage film that tests the bonds of friendship and the will to survive to their breaking point.  Chupacabra Territory will be available to rent or own starting April 11th on Flixfling as a 30 day exclusive.  The film will then launch on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and Cable VOD platforms.

Four friends hike into the Pinewood Forest to find evidence of the Chupacabra, an ancient creature believed to be responsible for the disappearance of four experienced hikers a year earlier. As they journey deeper into the forest, their innocent search uncovers more than they had ever hoped for, and with it a darkness that threatens to consume their very existence.  One by one they are hunted down, their survival tested, their lives hanging in the balance of fear, friendship, disbelief and horror.