Don Coscarelli on a Sixth ‘Phantasm’ (Exclusive)

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Phantasm fans are in for a treat when Well Go USA releases the massive box set on April 11th, which inclues all five films, as well as a poster and massive book. While I feel blessed to have been gifted with a fifth film, last year’s Ravager, I’m greedy and want more.

Within the box set’s booklet, Don Coscarelli, franchise creator and director of the first four films, revealed that he’d never rule out future Phantasm films. We thought we’d check in with Don and see if he wanted to add any clarity to the comments, which made the news rounds over this past weekend. The initial reaction came out of the strong reception for Ravager, which premiered at Fantastic Fest last yeat.

“I remember being at the premiere last year of ‘Phantasm Ravager’ at Fantastic Fest,” says Coscarelli, “I was sitting by director David Hartman and as ‘Ravager’ ended, the audience burst into applause. For both of us it was a huge relief, we had finally finished one of the most ambitious micro-budget movies ever made and our core fan base responded the way we hoped. It was a very long path, full of difficulty and hardship and we had suffered some losses. Our ‘Phantasm’ icon and good friend Angus Scrimm had passed just as post-production ended. But we had successfully finished what we considered to be the final chapter of this iteration of ‘Phantasm’… And then Dave and I went up onstage with the cast and did a Q+A with Tim League and I think the first question was, ‘When’s part 6 coming out?’ We heard this question again and again at subsequent screenings.

“God love ’em, but ‘Phantasm’ fans are insatiable,” he added. “Obviously, the loss of Angus makes the prospect of another sequel challenging. So I guess the short answer is that we aren’t currently planning another sequel at this time. That being said, we always do listen closely to what our long time fans say.

He continues: “In any case, next week, like a lot of people, I’m going to break open a copy of the new ‘Phantasm’ collection box set and watch all the movies in row. Really looking forward to that!”

We vote with our wallets, and I’m sure the positive outpour and fan support of the new box set could help signal to Coscarelli that we want more Phantasm. While we’ll miss Scrimm, it would be interesting to see what new directions this franchise end up.  On that note, here’s a hilarious new promo for the box set. Protect your pets.