Haunting evidence spooks local news crew — Would it spook a real investigator? (UPDATE: Shenanigans)

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Another claim of an extremely haunted house. Who do they call? Paranormal investigators, mediums, priests and TV show producers, then the local news team.

Ghost attacks in Hanover haunted house | WPMT FOX43

Homeowner DeAnna Simpson says they’ve lived in the home for seven years, and put everything they had into buying it. She says she and her husband didn’t find out it was haunted until soon after they moved in.

“We put everything into this house,” says Simpson. “And we do want to move, but we would have to list it at such a price where we could recoup what we put in.”

Simpson has ghostly photos, as well as photos from something that scratches people who come inside. She also has audio recordings of voices, children laughing, and dogs barking that were not in the house.

“Five plus,” she says of the number of ghosts in the house. “I have some here that are protecting me, some women here that are protecting me, but the majority are bad, dark forces, inhuman.”

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Take a look at the video that made believers out of the credulous reporter and videographer. There are many interesting aspects in it that we should seriously question if we are talking “evidence” of the paranormal.


The homeowner, DeAnna is clearly very invested in this belief. She accepts that she has paranormal activity, even demons, in the home. She claims several ghosts live there and they are “dark forces”, “unhuman”. She is ready with the holy water and blessings when the videographer admits he has a scratch on his arm. It seems like she was not very surprised it happened, that it had happened to others. At the end of the video, however, we hear a slightly different story than what seems to happen on camera. Nick, the camera person says he felt something odd, like hot metal on his arm, looked down and noticed a scratch there. He said he wasn’t going to say anything but DeAnna asked if he was OK and if he’d been scratched. Curious, indeed. But also note that he admits to watching ghost shows so he was certainly primed to interpret anything unusual as “paranormal”. Had he been in another house, not “haunted”, would he have even paid attention to it? Hard to say, it’s all up to perception at that moment.

The videos from DeAnna’s phone camera show orbs. The news camera doesn’t. The video light is VERY bright which would cause dust or vapor particles to reflect in the stairway. Even the shadow hand that shows up seems more likely a shadow thanks to the bright light used for filming. In general, the house seems a bit dark and closed-in adding to the creepy effect.

Screen cap from video taken by homeowner during news crew visit. Shadow darts from right side and back.

Screen cap from video taken by homeowner during news crew visit. Shadow darts from right side and back.

The reporter says they saw lights on the walls and heard noises. So? Every house has that. They say they saw things they couldn’t explain but for this piece, they aren’t trying very hard. That wasn’t their job.

The picture of the shadowperson downstairs is useless as evidence without knowing the conditions in which it was taken and the controls used. Even the closing door (did not close all the way) is unimpressive when I note this happens in houses when the air heat or cooling kicks on or another door is opened or shut causing a rush of air in the house.

The “come here” EVP is also useless. In general, the evidence is the standard poor quality stuff seen in every ghost claim. It’s not that something isn’t anomalous, it’s just that no one looks hard because they now default to “It’s paranormal”.

The owner notes the history of grisly deaths in the house. No details are given on how she can confirm this or the number of ghosts she thinks live there. Obviously, this is just a brief news piece. But it was achieves nothing but to enhance belief in the oddities in the house.

As a scientific-based investigator, one who would look for normal explanations but who is very interesting in finding a house that really (at least seems) haunted, I am very interesting in visiting this house.

I’ll send this story to the reporter, hoping she will connect me with DeAnna and allow for a visit. That is, if they REALLY are interesting in finding out what’s up or down in this house instead of just enhancing the idea that it’s infested with demons.

I’m not afraid of a “haunted” house and actually use the word “skeptical” in proper context – to look for evidence before deciding. None of the evidence I’ve seen so far says “ghost” to me but I’d like to look closer.

Care to invite a skeptical investigator in for a look?

Addition: I can see from the reporter’s bio that she also is interested in TV ghost hunting shows and has done stories like this before. So, again, we see a bit too much bias to be objective about this story. Also worth checking out (I have not yet) was a comment that noted The Dead Files show was recorded a while back and that activity had subsided. Obviously not according to Simpson.

Tip: Angela Sangster

UPDATE: Kenny Biddle contacted Mrs. Simpson as we discussed a joint visit to have a look at the evidence. Simpson asked her husband and shortly thereafter, declined. Kenny had been clear that he was an experienced skeptical investigator. We also learned that The Dead Files is not the only TV show in which this house was featured. It was also on the Animal Planet show The Haunting. The Simpsons stress the “evil” spirits along with their insistance on prayer, cleansing, and the help of God.

I call shenanigans at this point. Simpson and family are true believers in demons and paranormal activity. I hate to state the obvious but there are no such thing as actual demons infesting houses. I base this on centuries of human existence where we have been trying to obtain reliable evidence that such supernatural entities are real. It hasn’t happened. If you are going to make such an extraordinary claim, you are ethically obligated to provide better proof than silly orbs and light anomalies that can be explained in conventional ways. If you truly believe that demons are living in your house, have it open to people who can get to the bottom of it rather than a parade of more true believers who just reinforce irrational perceptions.

Editors Note: Comments insisting that demons are real and I am going to hell will be deleted. The Exorcist was fiction.