Our Ten Creepiest Real-Life Horror Stories From 2015


We all know that today’s news headlines are way scarier than anything our imaginations can conjure up — and I’m not even going to speculate on what kind of person might actually find any entertainment in the horrors of real life. But there’s a particular type of scary story — the kind so creepy it straddles the line between reality and fantasy — that holds a certain deranged fascination. Dangerous creatures, bizarre crimes, nightmarish pranks… we just can’t tear our eyes away from the weirdness of it all.

Obsessed as we are with all things scary, we totally understand that sinister appeal, and that’s why we’ve been seeking out and sharing these kinds of stories on a daily basis. (Believe me, we’re just getting started.) As we prepare to say goodbye to 2015, it’s high time we took a look back at the most macabre milestones from our “Real Life Scares” archive.

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The Infamous “Spider Hole”

The unidentified dad seen in this video is either completely arachnophobia-free, or maybe just a bit insane. Either way, watching what he does in the clip could give almost anyone nightmares… you can tell by the screams of the kids watching him.

Image Credit: iStock/Shaun Lowe
Image Credit: iStock/Shaun Lowe

Japan’s Corpse-Filled Ghost Ships

In one of the most chilling and bizarre stories to hit the news lately, several unmanned wooden fishing boats have been appearing off the northwestern coast of Japan, several of which contain decayed human bodies.

Image Credit: iStock/Dr-Strangelove
Image Credit: iStock/Dr-Strangelove

Attack of the Killer Squirrel

That headline might sound ridiculous, but for Richard and Norma Williams of Novato, CA, their recent traumatic experience with the “Squirrel From Hell” was no laughing matter. They barely escaped with their lives!


The “Laughing Jack” Murder

Months after an Indiana girl was arrested in the stabbing death of her stepmother, court documents revealed that she claimed to be following the command of “Laughing Jack” — a homicidal clown who figures prominently in creepypasta legends.


The Clownpocalypse Continues…

Mysterious, menacing and anonymous figures dressed in full clown makeup and costumes have been stalking people all around the globe for the past couple of years, and the sightings continue today: we’ve reported recently on this orange-suited visitor from Wisconsin, and a frightener-for-hire named “Wrinkles” in Florida.

Image Credit: iStock/Tiburon Studios
Image Credit: iStock/Tiburon Studios

Petting Zoo for Arachnophobes

The London Zoo’s “Friendly Spider Programme” encourages visitors to get up close and intimate with the source of their wide-awake screaming nightmares… by actually cuddling with the zoo’s collection of live spiders.

Image Credit: iStock/Clark42
Image Credit: iStock/Clark42

Burglar Devoured by an Alligator

Karma apparently caught up with a man wanted for attempted burglary in Brevard County, Florida: his dead body was recently retrieved from a lake, the mangled remains showing evidence of multiple alligator bites.


London’s Creepy Doll Twins

If you thought the Grady Twins from THE SHINING were terrifying, imagine how Londoners felt when their morning commute was accompanied by the arrival of these two young sisters wearing Victorian-era dresses and porcelain doll masks.


The Creepiest Walking Doll EVER

In Saltillo, Mexico, someone shot footage of this unnervingly large and lifelike doll, which is shown holding a woman’s hand and apparently walking on its own. There’s probably a logical explanation, but the clip is still spooky as hell.

Image Credit: morgellonsresearchgroup.com
Image Credit: morgellonsresearchgroup.com

What is “Morgellon’s Disease?”

Like something from a David Cronenberg movie, sufferers of this bizarre and unexplained condition say they keep finding multicolored fibers coming out of their skin — tiny, worm-like ribbons that seem to be growing within the flesh itself.