James Wan’s The Conjuring Universe Gets Another Spinoff: ‘The Crooked Man’


Movie franchises don’t just get sequels anymore — the studios’ ideal goal is to create several films that connect into a shared cinematic universe. The Mummy is the latest to attempt to kickstart one, the Dark Universe, but it was a critical and commercial flop.

, however, is having better luck when it comes to broadening a single horror movie into a franchise. It will continue to grow with another spinoff, titled The Crooked Man, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The creepy titular character made his first appearance last year in the hit sequel, . The James Wan-directed sequel also inspired The Nun spinoff, featuring Alien: Covenant star Demián Bichir, to be directed by Corin Hardy.

The Conjuring Universe continues to impress with horror specialists like director David F. Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation) and newcomer Mike Van Waes, who will write the script for The Crooked Man, based on the story by Wan.

Why The Crooked Man Spinoff Is A Good Thing

The spinoff is a great opportunity to create a very interesting character using practical effects. The character’s original animated appearance in The Conjuring 2 was a bit out of left field, considering every other creepy factor in the film was done almost practically. The shoddy animation took a bit away from the character, but the spinoff has the chance to redeem it.

With David F. Sandberg behind , the prequel will likely fix the problems that the first Annabelle had. Let’s hope The Crooked Man lands a great director who truly has a practical vision for the slender creature.

Annabelle: Creation will be released on August 11, 2017. The Nun will be released on July 13, 2018.